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Tips on Personal Appearance & Hygiene

Tips on Personal Appearance & Hygiene - Personal hygiene and appearance are the first things that people notice

By David Arnold, eHow Contributor

     When meeting someone for the first time, the first impression you make will leave an imprint of your appearance to the other party. The way you look in terms of style and hygiene are the biggest factors with an initial impression. Although it may seem shallow to concentrate on personal appearance only, it is one of the most essential facets of making a good impression. In utilizing a few tips and tricks, you can put your best face forward everyday.

Exfoliate the Skin

Although bathing seems like an elementary part of hygiene, most people do not understand that bathing in conjunction with exfoliation is essential to keep skin clean and rejuvenated. By exfoliating the skin with face and body scrubs, it reduces blackheads, blemishes and sloughs off dead skin cells. If left untreated, skin can have a dull appearance. Exfoliating with a skin or body scrub can turn skin from muddy to ruddy. If you are not able to purchase expensive body scrubs, simple household items such as baking soda are great ways to exfoliate on a budget. Pure baking soda is a natural product and can be used with or without your favorite soaps and body washes. In utilizing exfoliators, you will reveal glowing, healthy skin.

Dress Appropriately

Although current trends may suggest certain styles of clothing, every body type cannot accommodate those styles, therefore, it important to select clothing that is appropriate for your body type. For example if you're a woman or man that has a larger bottom half, don't opt for clothing that will accentuate larger hips such as low rise jeans or skinny leg jeans. In order to gain a better grasp of your body type, simply stand in front of a mirror and look at the size and proportions of your body to figure out your body type. Once you have done so, you can then begin to dress it accordingly.

Choosing Appropriate Hairstyle

When choosing a hairstyle, take into consideration the type of lifestyle that you lead. For example, if you are a public speaker, red and green streaks will not showcase a qualified professional. Choose hairstyle options that fit your lifestyle. Oval shapes can wear virtually any hairstyle, both long and short. Rectangle or square face shapes should opt for styles that create layers and curves to fill any linear areas of the face. Round faces may appear too full and pudgy in the cheek areas, therefore styles that add volume to the top should be employed to make the face appear slighter longer. Triangle and diamond shaped faces should opt for sweeping bangs and fringes to soften harsh lines. Nevertheless, choose hairstyles that will enhance your features while creating the illusion of an oval face.

Remain Clean-shaven

First, it is important to keep a clean-shaven appearance. Although this may seem directed towards men, women also have amounts of facial hair that can be seen by other people. Excess amount of body hair are also unsightly and may cause sweating and body odor. Therefore, keep the face and body neat and clean.

Try Different Deodorants

You may notice that at different times of the year, your favorite deodorant may not be working for you as well. Changes in climate as well as hormonal changes can cause a deodorant's odor and wetness fighting ability to slowly taper off. This is the time to try different deodorants. After you have found a few that work, keep them in your arsenal for those times when change is needed.


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