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Keep a crystal near to hand and, it is claimed, you'll enhance your general well-being.

Crystal healers may use up to 50 different types of crystals to treat different conditions. Your own personal crystal is thought to help  keep  your natural energy forces in balance, thus  maintaining good health.

Crystals placed on the energy points or 'chakras' of the body are thought to amplify the body's own healing process.

The idea of curing pain with a lump of rock may sound far-fetched, but precious stones have been used for healing since ancient times and many people believe they are just as effective today.

Why would someone take ci;)ian amethyst to bed with .. them, unless they had forgotten to take off their jewellery? The reason is simple, if unusual: putting a lump of amethyst under your pillow is the prescription for insomnia recommended by healers who work with crystals.

In the same way that alternative therapies such as acupuncture and aromatherapy were once labelled cranky but are now widely practised, healing with crystals looks set to gain the same level of acceptance. It should also be regarded as complementary to orthodox medicine, rather than as a replacement for it.


Crystal healers concentrate on the seven' chakras', or energy points of the body. Each chakra is thought to govern a separate area of bodily or mental functions. Techniques vary, but typically, a healer will place one or a group of crystals on a chakra, or perform a type of , crystal massage', rotating a crystal in small circles over a chakra. As with acupuncture, the idea is to clear any blockages in the life force flowing through the body and correct any imbalances.

The seven chakras are: the crown chakra on the top of head, which governs the glandular system; the third eye chakra, between the eyes, which governs fear and spiritual insight; the throat chakra at the centre of the throat, which governs the metabolism; the heart chakra at the centre of the chest, which controls the immune system; the solar plexus chakra at the navel, which is for the pancreas; the spleen chakra below the navel, controlling adrenalin production, and finally the base chakra above the groin, which governs sexuality.

How can a piece of inanimate rock possibly heal the human body?

Crystal healers believe that your body acts like the battery of a quartz watch, stimulating a crystal's natural vibrations. These vibrations in turn influence and energize the body's own healing powers.

It is also thought that using a personal crystal can promote and maintain good health.


You'll find crystals for sale at gift shops and fairs. You need one which is large enough to provide a focus during the healing process. A crystal the size of a small apple, which can be grasped firmly in the palm of one hand, is ideal for most healing techniques. Crystal healers emphasize that you should rely on your instincts and pick the crystal to which you feel strongly attracted. This will be the one most closely in tune with your body's unique aura. Crystals are thought to be affected by the emotional discharges of everyone who handles them, so it's suggested that you purify your crystal by soaking it in seawater or warm water with sea salt dissolved in it. Leave the crystal for at least 36 hours, but for no longer than 70.



Specific healing powers for different conditions are attributed to different types of crystal:

AGATE: Relieves tension and anxiety. Use a couple of small ones as worry beads, jiggling them around in the palm of your hand.

AMETHYST: Place one under your pillow to help you sleep. The Romans believed they prevented hangovers and used to drink out of goblets studded with them.

BLOODSTONE: Said to be a very calming stone when held in the hand and to help regulate an erratic menstrual cycle.

JADE: The stone of friendship, this is claimed to help overcome shyness. Drinking water in which jade has been soaked is believed to boost the immune system.

QUARTZ: Good for headaches. Lie down and place three of these crystals on your forehead - one pointing up to the crown and two pointing towards it from the left and right sides.

ROSE QUARTZ: Also for headaches and for relieving the symptoms of depression. Hold it in your right hand and think about your problem. Then press the crystal lightly against your forehead. Next, breathe into the crystal, letting it absorb your negative thoughts.

TOURMALINE: Effective for emotional upset. If you've been rejected by someone you love, keep this stone near you and clasp it as often as possible.



One of the simplest ways to benefit from crystal power is to keep one by you day and night. Its influence will interact with your body's electrical impulses, restoring any imbalances.

For a quick pick-up, hold a crystal in your left hand, pointing towards your wrist, and one in your right hand, pointing away from it. Hold for five to ten minutes, resting your hands on a table if you need to.

To clear up minor skin blemishes and improve the texture of your skin, soak a crystal of your choice in your bathwater for 10 minutes before you get in. Red coral and aventurine are thought to be especially effective.

Drink crystal water to help flush toxins out of your body. Prepare the drink by leaving a crystal in a glass of water overnight. Then drink the 'charged' water first thing in the morning.


Taken from THE HEALTH FILE  A Complete Medical Encyclopedia, A MARSHALL CAVENDISH REFERENCE COLLECTION, NATURE’S CLINIC by DR JOHN CORMACK, WEEKLY Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia Singapore Malta RSA Other Countries Namibia.

DR JOHN CORMACK, BDS MB BS MRCS LRCP, is the medical consultant to The Health File. The senior partner in an Essex­ based practice, he is also a member of the General Medical Council and has written for numerous magazines and news­papers as well as for the medical press. He is a regular broadcaster on television and radio and has scripted a number of award-winning educational videos.


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