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+ Can visual stimuli trigger epilepsy?

+ What does 'cold pressed' or 'first cold compressed' mean?


+ I am planning to bottle feed my new baby, but have been told that bottle-fed babies are more likely to have intestinal problems than babies who are breast fed. Is this true?

+ Do medicines become less effective as they get older?

+ Are there operations which cure depression?

+ My son of seven has an imaginary 'friend' called Robin. He holds long conversations with him, even at mealtimes, and appears to find him quite as real as my husband and me. Is there any danger in this fantasy?

+ I always thought that an osteopath was the same thing as a physiotherapist, but a friend told me this wasn't true. Who is right about this?

+ What should I do if I think that I have post-natal depression?

+ Since I got a divorce my six-year-old daughter has fallen behind at school, especially at reading. What can I do?

+ I've heard that a drop of whisky can help me relax. Is this true?

+ Why are skin conditions always made worse by emotional upsets?

+ Why can't some spastics speak properly, and can anything be done to help them?

+ I have recently had a second child and now I've discovered that my daughter, aged nine, is stealing from my purse. She has plenty of pocket money and toys, and we thought she was happy and a stable, well-adjusted little girl. What has gone wrong?

+ What are vitamins? Are they really important?

+ I have been overweight since I was a child. I've tried dieting, exercise - everything. Could there be something wrong with my adrenal glands that causes this problem?

+ My seven-year-old autistic son attends a special school and is showing signs of improvement. Will he ever be able to live and work normally as an adult?

+ Are saunas dangerous?

+ Should people who tend to have blackouts be allowed to drive?

+ Is there anything that I can do to increase my self-consciousness?

+ I was so bitterly disappointed at not giving birth naturally that I cannot help feeling a failure. I have been depressed for quite a while and at times find it hard to feel affection for the baby. How can I get over this?

+ I sometimes have severe diarrhoea after I eat certain foods. How will I know if I have colitis?

+ My father is terminally ill. Should he be told so that he can prepare himself for death?

+ My doctor prescribed tranquillizers for me. Can I become addicted to them?

+ My son does his homework while listening to pop music. Can he really concentrate on his work while listening to something else on the radio?

+ I had a headache for almost 2 days after my lumbar puncture. Why was this?

+ I've been told that I must have chemotherapy as a follow-up to my mastectomy. I don't want to go through with it as I've heard that it makes people go totally bald. Should I refuse?

+ What is the difference between Reflexology and Reflex Stimulation?

+ Why is the sense of sight considered the most complex of the five senses?

+ Please tell me more about the human senses.

+ When does one become addicted to drugs?

+ What is the secret behind massage and stress?

+ How does crystals work and why is it believed to help for various conditions?

+ What does an acupuncturist do?

+ Is depression all in the mind?

+ I suffer from lower back pain. Is this a common ailment?

+ I know tension causes illness and pain. What can I do to relieve tension?

+ What is the reason why I find it difficult to fall asleep?

+ What is Ayurveda?

+ Does 'total allergy syndrome' really exist or is it a misnomer?

+ Is tension always a destructive force?

+ Are faith healers an alternative to doctors?

+ What are the benefits of pet massage?

+ When should I massage my baby?

+ What is Brain Music Therapy?

+ What is cardio combat workout?

+ Tell me more about Chelation Therapy.

+ What does a chiropractor do?

+ What is Colour Therapy?

+ Do you know what DST means?

+ What is Colour Therapy?

+ Please explain to me what Indian Head Massage really is.

+ What are the Benefits of Infrared Therapy?

+ Visualization and yoga. How can I build a pattern to release stress?

+ Does music really help to reduce stress?

+ Is stress second to back problems as being the most common type of work related ill health?

+ Does Lymphatic Drainage Therapy help to reduce cellulite?

+ What is Sleep Therapy and Sleep Debt?

+ How can I achieve optimal sports performance?

+ When does a doctor send his patient for physiotherapy?

+ How can someone with a mental illness be helped?

+ What method of treatment do you use for Detoxification?

+ Is Reiki a Chinese or a Japanese art?

+ Please explain to me what 'shiatsu' is.

+ I know Acupressure is a Chinese technique, but what is it really?

+ Is Alexander Technique a way of massaging the body?

+ Please tell me more about using Aromatherapy for relaxation.

+ What principle does Biofeedback use?

+ Does humour or laughter have any therapeutic value?

+ What are the health benefits of massage?

+ What are the benefits of listening to music?

+ Is Behaviour Modification Therapy a psychological treatment?

+ Does Baby and Infant Massage help to bond with my son who is 18 months old?

+ Do you do traditional Thai foot massage?

+ What Are The Different Types Of Massage Therapy And How Do They Work?

+ What are the typical symptoms and physiological changes that can manifest when stress starts to affect a person negatively?

+ How will you educate someone to take a more proactive responsibility to cope with stress on an emotional, spiritual and physical level and give him advise on daily stress reduction?

+ What are specific recommendations in regards to immune boosting, food intake, supplements and the use of stimulants to change someone’s lifestyle?

+ Why would it be necessary for my poodle to have a 'pet massage'?

+ How to develop your sixth sense

+ What is Prolotherapy?

+ What is Herbal Medicine and what does it do?

+ What are anti-oxidants?

+ What is Orthomolecular Medicine?

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