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If you are looking for a sensual lubricant with natural plant oils, this is it! 100% safe with molecules so small that it can enter the skin and soft areas for up to 3 hours. Safer than baby oil. (Baby oil's molecules are too big to have this quality of absorption). Used by hundreds of Aro-healing's 'patients'. Not available in stores. Only available from Aro-healing.








The online shop price is for 50ml







Anti-wrinkle Cream















Slippery, sensuous, edible, made with 100% Extra-Virgin cold-pressed macadamia, olive and peanut oil, with an array of 100% pure aphrodisiac essential oils. It has a hint of Fennel (Sweet) for sweetness and a dash of Peppermint and Eucalyptus for that warm feeling. You will fall in love with the soft aroma, smoothness and non-stickyness.

I must warn you, this stuff is addictive...

Personal notes:
Hitting menopause can really take the fun out of some of the things you used to enjoy, like sex. The hormones are changing on a daily basis, and many women experience painful dryness during this transition. However, it is not a difficult problem to overcome. The sensual lubricant has worked for all my patients, and my friends, who come back, giggling, at regular intervals, asking for more!

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