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Experience electrified erections in seconds! Estato Sensual Oil for Men is the Doctor Approved and Proven Formula that will satisfy your sensual needs. Because of the pureness of the cold-pressed olive oil base, it has molecules small enough to penetrate the skin for up to three hours. It is a convenient and immediate solution for those looking for something that can be applied directly to the penis for instant erection. There�s only one true Male enhancement oil - Estato! It has proven to be number one in the choice for MALE POWER.














Sensual Oil


















Estato Sensual Oil for Men is the revolutionary natural Male Enhancer, developed with smooth natural essential oil ingredients and enjoyed by many to help improve erection quality and firmness. It is Aro-healing�s customized Sensual Product for Men and designed to give them stronger, fuller erections using an oil blend applied directly to the source. You will feel and see the difference immediately, starting within seconds of the application. Don�t waste an hour waiting for a pill to work, hoping for results that may never happen. With Estato Sensual Oil you know its working because you can feel it and you have immediate results!

How about trying a 20ml size to start with? And remember - the Aro-T Products are very concentrated and should be used very sparingly. 20ml will be enough for 2 to 3 romantic sessions.

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