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The lymphatic system is a crucial part of our immune system and principal route for the reduction of toxins in our bodies.







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Lymphatic Massage Treatment Oil











The lymph system is composed of a network of vessels that mobilize fluids from every part of our body and groups of lymph nodes that house killer cells of the immune system. Unlike the cardiovascular system, however, lymph has no engine outside the movement of muscle to pump fluids from one part of the network to the next. Thus, movement and exercise are very important components of moving lymph. Inactivity, toxins, stress, and disease all create a heavy workload for this system, which is an integral part of the body's purification process. Working at peak performance, the lymphatic system is responsible for removing toxins, waste material, bacteria, and excess fluid.

The lymph fluid originates from the interstitial fluid, the watery environment that surrounds the cells of our bodies. The lymphatic system is present in every tissue of the body except the brain and spinal cord and is a primary detoxification system or "garbage disposal" system. As such, it plays a significant role in our immune response to foreign particles.

What is Lymphatic Therapy?

Lymphatic therapy is accomplished by gentle, rhythmic massage following the direction of lymph flow. Mild stretching movements are used on the walls of the lymph collectors to redirect the flow away from the blocked areas into other vessels that drain the veins. The massage action is often combined with other elements of complex decongestive therapy, which can include dietary changes, skin and nail care to prevent infection, therapeutic exercise, special compression sleeves stockings, and other garments, and lightbeam generators to stimulate the lymphatic system. Manual lymphatic therapy was developed by Dr. Emile Vodder more than fifty years ago. The gentle manual technique improves the activity of the lymph vessels by mild mechanical stretches on the wall of the lymph collectors which re-route the lymph materials around the blocked areas into a more centrally located lymph vessel that eventually drains into the venous system.

Benefits of Treatment

Lymph treatments can reduce the load on this crucial system and help to restore proper function to the immune system. As treatments progress, one can expect to experience clear skin, the return of physical and mental energy, and a reduction of fluid and trapped fatty wastes. You may look better, feel better, and be able to defend your health from the invasion of bacteria, viruses, and other invaders. If you now experience low energy, mental fogginess, depressed immunity, cellulite, or bad skin, you may want to investigate this treatment to determine if it's right for you. One such lymphatic therapy is pbytobiodermie chromo-lymphatic therapy. It is uniquely based on the energetic principles of Chinese five element theory and the interplay of Yin and Yang, believing the body is not just matter but also energy.

Modern lifestyles generate many sources of stress, poor nutrition, and insufficient exercise; in addition, our bodies are exposed to harsh climates and pollution. All of these factors contribute to disturbing the natural flow of energy throughout the body. Initially, the effects are reflected as cosmetic problems, which typically show up on the face and body. Disregard for such telltale signs can lead to more serious health conditions. Phytobiodermie process helps identify the energetic cause and re-balances the energy. As a result, the client's first reaction most often is: "I feel so good!." It is consistent with the belief that beauty is health made visible. The chromo-lymphatic treatments are enhanced with the use of products of high quality ingredients derived from nature, and are potent because of high concentrations of the best essential oils.

Colors Used in Therapy

Color therapy is based on the premise that physiological functions respond to specific colors. Attached to the brain is the pineal gland, which controls the daily rhythms of life. When light enters through the eyes or through the skin, it travels along neurological pathways to the pineal gland in response to light and dark. Different colors are composed of different wavelength frequencies, and these frequencies have different effects on physical and psychological function.

Color therapy was part of the medicine of the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. Healing-with-color is based on the premise that certain colors or wavelength frequencies can affect the physiological being to provide healing. Colors of matter, such as walls, clothing, stones, or other items placed on the body, as well as the color of energy possess these abilities. The sun's rays are known to have healing qualities. The spectrum of the sun's rays will give colors healing qualities for specific illnesses and injuries.

At the turn of the last century, light therapy experienced a new level of interest, Thus, color-therapy was rediscovered and continues to be researched. Chinese and traditional Indian medicines (like Ayurveda) work well with chromo-therapy, as they are mutually supportive.


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