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Our massage oils are uniquely blended in a formulation with essential oils to support a relaxed body and quiet the mind, which is essential for optimal rest and a good night�s sleep.



When stress and anxiety keep you awake, a massage with Permonlie Massage Oil is an effective way to get a good night�s rest. Permonlie promotes relaxation without leaving you feeling tired the next day.

Permonlie Massage Oil contains amongst its essential oils Geranium and Neroli which promote calm relaxation. Lavender and Chamomile help lift the mood to support a healthy sleep pattern.










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Massage Treatment Oil

















Permonlie Massage Oil is widely used in the production of cosmetic products - body lotions, face creams, moisturizing balms and cleansing scrubs.

The Olive Oil in the Product  is known for its role in cosmetic enhancement of the skin. Chinese medicine exploits the medicinal potential of olive oil and uses it for the treatment of tumours.

This yellow-gold oil is preferred by most dry-skinned women. It penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and effectively brings the much desired glossy look to the skin. It not only brings comfort to the sensitive skin, but moisturizes it. This contributes to the fact that it is effective and ideal to any skin type.

The highest concentration of base oil in this Product, olive oil, is rich in essential fatty acids. This natural oil contains linoleic, oleic and palmitic acid, is high in Vit E and also contains Vit A.

Permonlie Massage Oil is mixed with other natural cold-pressed oils and therefore extremely effective in the treatment of rough skin. It helps with skin rejuvenation and prevents aging.  When applied to the skin it glows with radiance.

Most of the massage oils in Aro-healing contain olive oil as its base .


Although Permonlie Massage Oil forms part of all treatment oils, it is most suited for dry and sensitive skin, provides soothing nourishment to the skin by naturally re-vitalising it and prevents skin inflammation by protecting it from all sorts of irritants. After taking a little Permonlie Massage Oil on the finger tips, it can be effectively applied all over by gentle palm strokes.

Permonlie Massage Oil is not known to cause any allergic reactions.


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