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Facial massage to help with baggy and puffy eyes

Facial massage, and especially massage treatment around your eyes, can assist in draining of fluids around your eyes and thereby reducing the puffiness. Although massage can be most beneficial - it must be done correctly, with concentration and not be rushed through.







The online shop price is for 50ml







Facial Massage Cream
















48th Facial Massage Cream is great to work with, concentrated and goes a long way. Therefore very economical. It is only at the outset that it seems pricey, but divided into 3 or 4 months, it beats a lot of cheaper massage creams.

General information on facial massage

First clean your face well and then use a very light textured oil or cream as massage medium to prevent stretching or stressing this fragile skin.

You might want to look at almond oil, since this oil is wonderfully emollient, without being heavy and greasy. Another oil that you might consider is jojoba oil. You could also look at massaging with facial massage cream.

When doing facial massage, please keep your touch SOFT and do not stretch the skin - it must be done gently.

Should you have long hair, tie it away from your face before doing any facial massage to prevent the oil or cream getting into your hair.

When you are finished doing the massage, remove the oil from your eyes by gently washing the area with a very gentle cleanser, or remove the excess oil by blotting it with a tissue.

Make sure to remove excess oil or cream from the corners of your eyes, otherwise, you may land up with eyes that are even more baggy or puffy.

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