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Forests include moisturizing agents to smooth your face and provides a clean aroma. It does not include any alcohol or astringent. It is specially designed to help for flaking and dryness of the skin and for abrasions, cuts and sensitive skin. 









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After-shave Cream
















Many men like to use after-shave after their shave. This helps keep their face smooth and also provides a nice, clean aroma. After-shave for men comes in several different forms. The liquid form of after-shave may be the most popular, but you can also find after-shave in a gel, in powder form, as a lotion, as a balm or as a cream. Many after-shaves also contain a form of antiseptic agent to help prevent cuts from infecting.

Like many shaving cream manufacturers, some after-shaves also include menthol that serves the purpose of numbing damaged skin. Some after-shaves include alcohol, which has been known to sting a little when applied immediately after shaving. This is why some companies have decided to make products that do not include alcohol. There is now also after-shave for men that includes silicone, which is said to increase the repair rate of the skin.

After-shaves for men are known to give off an enticing scent. This is usually supplied by essential oil or fragrance. There are also after-shaves that include moisturizing agents and others that have astringents. Picking the right after-shave that includes astringents can be tricky, however, due to the pH level. High pH levels can cause flaking and dryness, but manufacturers are not required to disclose the pH level on their products, so this is something consumers need to keep in mind when purchasing an after-shave with an astringent.

After-shave for men comes in many different choices, with some scents being replicated by several different manufacturers. This product not only can help men all over the world smell better, but also provides men with a clean, smooth face.


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