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Infrared light therapy as a medical technique is not new – it’s been in use for preventative and therapeutic treatments, mainly for muscular injuries, since the 1990s. Its applications for both veterinary and human conditions have been the subject of lots of research and experimentation, so we can be confident that it can really work.

There has been some contractor research completed by NASA for using light therapy in space for pain management. It was tough to find substantiated data on the results of those studies. You do get the impression by reading the periphery of the NASA studies that light therapy is used in space on humans with success.

Infrared light therapy is a safe and effective tool in your equine veterinary equipment. It’s ideal for treating injuries to large muscle areas like the neck and back, and it has a preventative role to play too. Plus, most infrared equipment can be used to treat other injuries and conditions in other parts of the horse.

The Visible Infrared Light is a system that is acknowledged as being capable of reaching about eight to 10mm into the human skin surface, incredibly good for many types of surface wounds, cuts, scars, triggers, treating infections, and also acupuncture points. On the other hand, the Invisible Infrared Light can reach a depth of about 30 to 40 mm, an area that involves bones, deep muscles, and joints.

Infrared technology has been proven to help increase the overall circulation and movement of blood throughout the body. This makes it an ideal treatment for people who have soft tissue injuries. Injuries like sprains and torn ligaments respond very well to this treatment therapy.

Many people have successfully recovered from high blood pressure levels by using this type of lighting technology. Now, you can too! There are many different medical facilities that offer infrared light therapy boxes. If you cannot find one near you, you may be pleased to know that you can now purchase your own therapy boxes to use at home! If you want to lower your high blood pressure, infrared light therapy is a safe and effective means of doing so!

Infrared therapy’s benefits for treating chronic equine conditions like arthritis are two-fold. Just as with preventative applications, the increased circulation deep within the muscles – much deeper than you can get with topical ligaments – aids healing. The infrared rays can penetrate much further into soft tissues and muscles than any surface preparations, and you don’t run the risk of skin irritation.

There are several methods for administering Infrared Light Therapy depending on what you are targeting. For pain relief, there are several designs of adjustable wands and guns that focus light on the affected areas. For acne, there are several different designs, the most common being one that looks like an open book which you put the face or affected area near the light sources for a specified period of time on a regular basis.

Best of all, there is some evidence that infrared therapy actually has an analgesic effect too. The metabolic stimulation also increases neurological responses. In pain management, this means that infrared increases the release of endorphins, helping your horse to feel better too. http://acupunctureschoolonline.com/infrared-therapy-benefits.html

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