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Increased services to improve pet health, comfort and standards of living are now widely available to pet owners and pet massage is one of these helpful pet services which have blossomed in recent years. All pets can benefit from massage, and pets with health issues may find vast improvements in pain and recovery times through massage as well.


A pet massage, provided with accurate and thorough techniques, can bring a wealth of benefits to your pet which may include:


·          Increased circulation

·          Decreased anxiety and tension

·          Reduced pain in instances of arthritis or back disorders

·          Improved flexibility

·          A general feeling of well being, relaxation and happiness


Massages for pets are particularly helpful for pets that are suffering from separation anxiety disorders or stress disorders caused by past abusive situations or traumatic incidences; pets that are recovering from a muscle injury, joint surgery, or even limb removal may also benefit from massage therapies.


While a pet masseuse cannot diagnose or treat any medical condition, massage can be used to help reduce painful medical issues. In some instances, a veterinarian may prescribe pet massage to improve an ill pet�s recovery, pain and quality of life.


Average Costs for Pet Massage


Pet massage costs will vary based on your location and the type of massage your pet will be receiving; regular massages are usually priced lower than medical or lymph draining massages, and the length of time of the massage will also affect the price.

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