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Workplace Stress - The Facts

It is crucial to understand that stress is not the same as pressure.

I can tailor any course or session to meet your business need. My sessions are very flexible and adapatble. Please me to find out more. Lyn 082 45 806  34 or e-mail info@aro-healing.com

What is Stress?

Stress is your body's natural response to being under pressures or demands.
While a very small level of stress can be a positive thing, when these pressures become excessive, your body reacts with a series of negative symptoms which may affect your physical or mental health.
In the long run, these symptoms may affect the way you do your
jobs in many ways. Taking this into consideration, work related stress should be treated immediately and properly.

Stress is second only to back problems as being the most common type of work related ill health reported.

  • 1 in 5 people suffer stress in the workplace at any one time.
  • That is equivalent to 5 million workers.
  • Around 500,000 workers have reported experiencing stress at a level they believe made them ill.
  • Each year approximately 6.7 million working days are lost due to stress or stress related illness.
  • The cost of workplace stress on society is between £3.7 and £3.8 billion each year.

Workplace Stress is defined as stress that arises from or is worsened by work.

It is important to note that stress is not a weakness.
Its a very real experience that most people will have at some point in their lives, either at work or at home.

Work related stress is not a sign of weakness in an employee, it is a symptom of an organisational management problem, which must be addressed.

Workplace stress is something you do not have to suffer.
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 makes it a responsibility or requirement of an employee to tell their employer about any problems with their Health and Safety arrangements.
Tackling this requires a level of honesty and trust between employee, manager and employer.
Such partnerships can alleviate the potential for stress within the workplace.
Aro-healing will assist in building that partnership.

What Options do you have ?

I can offer you the following subjects to start a complete Stress Management Programme within your business.

·          Management Consultation and Seminars

·          Staff Seminars

·          Outside Workshops

·          Executive Breaks

·          Holistic Holidays

·          Relaxation Sessions

·          Group Session Exercises



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