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Lymphatic Drainage is actually a Therapy on its own and is the most vigorous Massage available. It is also the longest session of all the massages. It can be referred to as 'Passive Exercise'. (Passive Exercise on the part of the clientt, but definitely 'Active Exercise' on the part of the Therapist). It is quite the opposite of General Lymphatic Massage. The first is to reduce cellulite where the latter is to slightly stimulate the lymph.


Therefore, you must understand the following to understand why lymphatic drainage massage helps to reduce cellulite:


In her book ‘How To Banish Cellulite Forever’ Liz Hodgkinson writes:

Dr Robert Gray was interested above all in cleaning the colon, and developed a diet which would enable accumulated waste matter to be eliminated.

He understood that genuine health is impossible if the colon is impacted with old waste material it can no longer get rid of.

Dr Gray realized that one of the most important aspects of a clean system is to have a properly working lymphatic system.

There are two types of fluid designed to carry body wastes away – the lymph and the blood.

Lymph is similar to blood, except that it contains no red blood cells.

Lymph vessels are contained within every cell of the body, and their job is to collect waste matter and eventually empty it back into the blood stream.

The lymph vessels contain one-way valves and are composed of muscle tissue which pumps the lymph through these valves.

When it is all working properly, wastes are taken away automatically via this system.

When the lymph vessels are sluggish, however, wastes stay and accumulate in body cells.

This is basically what happens when cellulite collects.


The lymphatic system is unable to remove it, and the result is congestion.

Getting rid of waste matter which has accumulated in body cells is to cleanse the lymphatic system and allow excess toxic and mucoid material to drain away.


The anti-cellulite diet is not a slimming diet in the usual sense.

Although you will very probably loose weight while on it that is not its main purpose.

It helps to regard the anti-cellulite eating regime as, above all, a potent method of cleansing the system.’                                                         Liz Hodgkinson

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