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There is a wide selection of oils available from Aro-healing. The favorite and preferred ones are the oils that provide maximum relaxation as well as maximum therapeutic value.

Aro-healing is, as the name explains itself, a healing art which uses the natural essential oils and qualities of plants - in other words nature itself  - to treat health problems. It can help you relax, lift your mood and even sharpen concentration.

The practice of using fra­grances to relax and heal the body has been around thousands of years and dates back to ancient Chinese civiliza­tions. Aromatic oils remained in common use for a variety of medic­inal purposes until relatively recently, but their use declined as modem pharmaceuticals took over.

Now, however, people are once again taking an interest in essential oils. Aro-healing is increasing in popularity, both as a professional therapy and as a self-help remedy.


The lymphatic system is a very important part of the immune system of the body.


Lymphatic massage is a modality designed to aid the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system, and draining it away from the limbs, towards the body.

This massage action is very gentle and is done in a rhythmic, pumping action. It is not deep at all. 

There is the perception among some massage therapists, that this massage is deep to the point of leaving bruising along the path of the main lymphatics. This is not the correct method, and will cause more damage than good.

This is a very boring massage and can leave both the therapist and patient fast asleep, but for many people it is vital for their health. . 

The nature of this massage requires bare skin, particularly for the stroking movements which require massage oils to reduce pulling on the skin. It would follow then, that any part of the body being massaged needs to be undressed. Areas that are not being massaged at the time are kept covered with a towel to keep you warm in winter and to preserve your modesty if this would make you feel more comfortable. Care will be taken not to expose any private areas of the body.

Lymph vessels in the body form a network across the whole body. These vessels collect excess inter-cellular fluid from the body, and return it to the circulatory system. At regular intervals around the body, these vessels lead to lymph nodes (commonly called glands), these nodes are responsible for destroying any infections and then allowing the lymph to continue on it\'s journey. The fluid is eventually routed via the subclavian vein to the blood circulatory system.

The flow of fluid within the lymphatics is achieved by muscles in the body forming a pumping action on the vessels as they do their normal jobs. Because the lymph vessels have one-way valves in them at regular intervals, the fluid is moved along steadily.

In some instances, this process breaks down, and the system doesn\'t work very well. This can be caused by a lack of physical activity in the limbs, surgery (particularly breast cancer, and heart bypass surgery), physical injury, and in some very rare cases by parasitic infection within the lymphatics.




There are a number of common conditions which can be helped by Aro-healing, These include insomnia; headache and migraine; depression; digestive problems; skin complaints; poor circulation; rheumatism; sinusitis; depression; anxiety and stress, etc. Aromatherapy is also used more frequent­1y in conventional medical set­tings to help treat a wide variety of patients including those with cancer, mental illness, and mus­cular -skeletal problems.

A simple and common way to use essential oils is by diluting them in a carrier oil such as sunflower or macadamia oil and then massaging them into the body.

Aro-healing’s benefits occur as the oils are absorbed through the skin. Only cold pressed base oils are used in Aro-healing so as to drain optimum results from the Aro-T Products in all Ranges. The cold pressed base oils have the quality of penetrating the skin for up to 3 hours which increases the therapeutic benefits.

The lymphatic system can greatly benefit from massaging therapeutic oils into the body and concentrating on the lymphatic areas which are situated all over the body. Some medical conditions are caused by a clogging of the lymphatic system and all that is needed is a good stimulation of the lymph nodes to declog them. I am thinking of scpecific problems such as pins and needles in the hand and/or fingers, swelling of the legs, varicose veins, poor circulation, etc.

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