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Aro-healing teaches others how to maintain successful body posture.


The human body is a complex, delicately balanced piece of engineering, with muscles and bones designed to interact harmoniously in such a way as to enable us to walk and move naturally with maximum ease and minimum strain,

Although we are born with the natural ability to use our bodies correctly, we soon develop bad habits such as slouching at our desks.


I began this technique of awareness as a result of discovering that a wide variety of medical conditions are caused by bad posture. If you are a singer or if you frequently lose  your voice when reciting plays, this may be due to bad posture. Study yourself in front of a mirror and notice that every time you start to say your lines or start to sing, you pull your head back and down and tighten your throat muscles. Although this habitual movement feels normal to you, you may have realize that it was causing your voice loss. It is time to  set out to change this bad habit. The knees, hips and lower back are often pulled out of alignment by the way we hold our body - often by throwing our weight forward and our pelvis back in compensation. This can cause strain, uneven wear and tear and pain.


Posture therapy replaces the bad body movements we have acquired through life with the natural poise we were born with, helping us to move gracefully and effortlessly without unnecessary strain. It is given on a one to one basis and it takes an average of 10 lessons before the pupil is sufficiently 're-educated' to be able to carry on with the technique.


You will be guided into the way to correct the imbalance of your body. In time your body will become rebalanced to cope with lazy postures and tense movements.

I aim to help you to gently realign the body so that the mental and physical tension induced by harmful postural habits is reduced and all movement becomes smoother, easier and lighter.

One of the key areas to concentrate on is the neck. You will be helped to recognize the movements that lengthen and free the neck from the weight of the body.


After I have established which forms of misuse and bad posture are present, I use gentle manipulation to guide you in movement. At the same time I gently instruct you with the aim of learning to become aware of and unlearn unconscious but habitual patterns of tension.


With practice, you can train yourself to recognize the movement patterns which cause you to tense up the muscles of your neck, head and back. Eventually you will be able to recite properly without using these inappropriate movements and tensions, your voice will   improve and no longer disappear when you are performing. Your overall health and co-ordination will also improve and you will generally feel more confident.


Because the posture technique aims to redress postural imbalance, it is of obvious use to actors, dancers, musicians and athletes. However, it also has a beneficial effect on a number of medical problems such as back pain, arthritis, breathing disorders such as asthma and a great many stress­related diseases. It should be pointed out, however, that the technique is educational and not a way of curing specific ailments although some doctors may recommend it in addition to their usual treatments,

It certainly is known for increasing a person's sense of well- being and for this reason is taken up by many ordinary people who welcome its positive effects on the general functioning of the body and for dealing with stress in particular. In fact, most people who have learned the technique swear that it is the best method for unwinding mentally as well as physically since it is simply a relearning of a natural, but forgotten, balance.



If you wish to become a teacher of this technique, you will undergo an extensive period of training and it will be essential for you to be recognised by Aro-healing’s Health Care Council and Research Foundation.

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