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Behavior modification therapy - often known as cognitive behavior therapy - is one of the most straightforward, efficient techniques to becoming a happier, healthier, and more functional member of society. Unlike psychotherapy and other traditional modalities, behavioral modification therapy works directly to change problematic behaviors. It is straightforward and to the point. It does not look to find the underlying psychological causes of problematic behaviors and allow self-destructive patterns to continue on in the meantime. Instead, Behavioral modification therapists believe that, by treating the dysfunctional behavior, the underlying problems can be solved.

Behavior modification therapy is especially useful for children. Children are not fully differentiated � they haven�t completely establish their sense of self identity. As a result, it is much easier to get results with behavior modification therapy than with other therapeutic approaches. They are still trying to understand who they are, and they define who they are largely by what they do. By changing a child�s behaviors to more constructive alternatives, you can alter that child�s personality in a constructive way too.

Of course behavior modification therapy � like any therapy � is only as good as the therapists you find. When looking for a behavior modification therapist, it is important to trust your instincts. Because therapy is largely confidential and private, you may have a hard time finding a former patient to talk to. Instead, you should attend a few sessions with the therapist and see what you think. If you are uncomfortable with them � or if your child is uncomfortable with them � try to look somewhere else. Just because you can�t verbalize your reason doesn�t mean that it isn�t a valuable one. Sometimes, our instincts are our strongest tools.

You might also want to ask him to explain his behavior modification techniques. These techniques vary somewhat from therapist to therapist, so it is good to know how yours is going to treat your problems. A good therapist will be very open when explaining his approach to a new patient. The patient gets a feel for what kind of therapist he is dealing with, and the therapist in turn gets a feel for what kind of patient he is dealing with.

Of course if you are looking for behavior modification for children, it is important to take your child�s opinion into consideration as well. Don�t worry if your child simply doesn�t want to go to behavior modification therapy � in that case, you can make him go. If your child seems to dislike the therapist after three or four sessions with them, however, you might want to consider finding a different one. After all, a child can only change if he is working with a therapist he gets along with. If your kid is fighting every inch of the way, he won�t get anywhere.

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